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Image Gallery

Products and Services -

  • Value Engineering and Design

  • Contract Packaging

  • Expendable and Returnable Packaging

  • Skin-Packaging

  • Euro-Packaging

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

  • 3 PL Services

  • Asset Recovery

  • Packaging Materials

    • Corrugated Boxes

    • Foam

    • Wood/Pallets

In partnering with Engineered Packaging Services for your firm’s Shipping and Handling needs, you may be able to:

  • reduce your shop labor

  • gain floor space

  • minimize parts inventory

  • eliminate packaging inventories

  • reduce payables

  • use the additional floor space to increase sales

You can learn more about Engineered Packaging Service products by contacting us by phone or email.  We will arrange a time convenient to your operations to come to your location and discuss how we can design and create the most cost effective and protective packaging for your firm's products.